Welcome to Nimiq Community Site

Welcome to Nimiq Community

Nimiq community is growing bigger and bigger each day. New users join the ranks and start contributing with their opinion and different points of view but also with entire projects and distinct types of content. We believe every input is important and we should have a place to gather all these contributions. This is my attempt to create that place. I hope you like it and enrich the Nimiq Community by sharing your skills. As always, thanks for your support!

Why this site?

Why is this site needed when official information is posted in our Blog or Youtube Channel?… Because there is no place for non-official information! Our active community is generally searching for ways to contribute, and we love that! It would be a shame for all of these contributions get lost in the Ether. This site is an effort to list and store all of them.

Nimiq is an open source project and all the members of our Team are hardcore believers of the open source movement. We want our community members to feel involved in our project and I think one of the best ways of doing so, is by empowering our community to leave a part of themselves inside the project. Something they can show their family and friends, something we can all be proud of and say: ‘I’m part of Nimiq’.

Proof of Sushi

If you are part of our Discord you probably remember this announcement:

Nimiq is an Open Source Project and we appreciate all contributions. 
It is with the help of our community that  we push on forward to Crypto Mass Adoption. 
We would like to thank all contributors by giving them tags according to their contribution in the following way:
-Nimiq_Nerd : Very experieced users and contributors
-Nimiq_Surfer: Leads of their own projects
-Nimiq_Sushi: Regular contributors. Any commit or contribution to a community project will get you here.

If you would ask me for a PKI to measure community activity I would answer amount of Nimiq_Sushi. Users become Nimiq_Sushi after sending a contribution in the form of a commit. Some users are already developing their own projects but for those who are just newbies, we can start with this repository.

By sending a contribution you are shaping this site and the culture our community stands for. This first commit is your Proof of Sushi, the one thing that unequivocally shows you are part of Nimiq. With time we will invent innovative ways of promoting contributions and rewarding Nimiq_Sushi. I trully believe we as community can support the Nimiq project in numerous ways. I’ll do my part and help beginners and non-techies to contribute, you do your part and always share (and hopefully implement) your ideas via commit.

Nimiq_Sushi unite!

Richy, Nimiq Community Manager