Discord: Get Involved, But Stay Secure!

The Nimiq Community

My favourite aspect of the Nimiq project is the community. Ok, so the team themselves are building some great tech, but it’s the volunteers that are really proving what a game-changing platform Nimiq will be in the future.

We’ve got designers working hard every day to create over 18000 different versions of an ugly ‘N’ logo for the team to pick from, we’ve got developers building some fantastic applications with real-world uses, we’ve got mining enthusiasts discussing how to maximise profit with their rigs. One of our original community members, Soeren, created so many versions of ugly ‘N’ logos that he’s now a full member of the Nimiq team!

So you want to get involved in the project? Maybe you’ve got something to add from a development point of view, or maybe you just want to keep up to date with news and chat to fellow Nimiq enthusiasts, well the best way to do that is on our Discord server.

So What Is Discord?

Discord is a platform used by communities and gamers. It allows voice and text chat, and has mobile apps, browser versions and downloadable versions for PC and Mac.

Discord is a fantastic piece of tech because of the configuration that it allows. In our Nimiq server we’ve got a whole range of channels focussed on specific topics from mining to music, so come and join in!

Staying Secure

The platform is safe, but if you’re either already in the Nimiq server or are joining for the first time it’s important to get your security settings correct. Phishing attempts and scammers posing as people from the real Nimiq team are not unheard of. In the public channels this is rare because it can be moderated, but if your security settings aren’t correct a scammer could send you a private message pretending to be someone they aren’t, so don’t fall for it!

Here’s a quick guide on how to set you Discord up to help prevent this issue:

  1. If you’re on the desktop version of Discord, look in the bottom left corner of your screen for the cog icon, this opens your User Settings.
  2. Click the Privacy & Safety tab.
  3. Select ‘Keep Me Safe’.
  4. Disable ‘Allow Direct Messages From Server Memebers’.
  5. Disable ‘Everyone’ and ‘Friends Of Friends’.

Here’s a screenshot of how your settings should now look:

These settings will mean that your Discord is now much more secure, and you can’t be sent messages by people pretending to be part of the Nimiq team. When in the server, different people will have different roles. Real team members will always have an Orange name when speaking in public channels. You will now only be able to receive Direct Messages from people that you have added or accepted as a friend. If at any point you receive a friend request and you think it may be a member of the Nimiq team, check in a public channel to make sure this is the case.

Come and Join Us!

Please, if you haven’t already, come and join the community in Discord. When you join the server for the first time you won’t be able to talk for 10 minutes (to stop spammers), but then be sure to let some of us regulars know you’re there, it’ll be great to meet you! If you contribute to the community you’ll be promoted to new ranks and maybe even get access to some secret channels, shhhh!

Here’s a link to join: https://discord.gg/92qaVKH